Some Popular Types Of Craft Beer – Our Quick Guide.

Some Popular Types Of Craft Beer – Our Quick Guide.

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The craft beer market has continued to grow at a rate that far outstrips the fairly stagnant ‘mainstream’ beers that are produced by multinational brewing companies.

3 Factors Contributing To Growth

The increasing interest from beer lovers is a result of three factors.

The first is the sheer variety of craft beers that are available, the second is a dissatisfaction with the lack of innovation by large brewing companies and thirdly is the increasing support for local businesses.

However, trying craft beer for the first time can be an intimidating experience. There is that great choice – but where to start? If you are thinking of exploring craft beer then these are some types of beer that are at the foundation of the craft beer market.

What Are The Main Types Of Craft Beer

1. Lager.

This beer is differentiated by the type of cold-resistant yeast (Saccharomyces Pastorianus) that is used in its brewing. A Lager is light, crisp and has higher levels of carbonation than other beers. It’s a mellow, less bitter and smooth drinking experience.

2. Ale.

The yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) used in the production of Ale is most effective at the higher temperatures used in so-called ‘warm fermentation’. It is fruity and full-bodied. In its earliest forms, it was brewed with the use of Hops.

3. Pale Ale.

A type of beer that was first produced around 300 years ago, Pale Ale has found a ready market in the United States with consumers in that country (in line with European tastes) finding the slightly bitter and aromatic brew to their liking. There are a huge number of different varieties – each with a subtly unique flavour profile.

4. India Pale Ale (IPA).

India Pale Ale is differentiated by from the run of the mill Pale Ale by its bitterness and deep Hops flavours. Its rise to popularity was fueled by British troops serving in India who enjoyed the added flavour (and higher alcohol content) of IPA which was developed to withstand the rigours of ocean crossings and Indian climatic conditions.

5. Pilsner.

Very close in taste to the run of the mill ‘Pale Ales’ that are mass-produced by global beer conglomerates. However, Pilsener‘s tend to be more highly carbonated than Pale Ales – and are characterised by a rich deep aroma of Hops. It’s a great beer to start off a craft beer journey.

The world of craft beer is one characterised by innovation. There are more people getting involved and talking about it with crafty beer blogs such as and the like. There are more small breweries appearing along with micro-distilleries and small alehouses. There are ‘Tap Takeovers’ happening in lots of pubs now (Tiny Rebel, the Welsh brewery are big ones for this) and the future looks very exciting for those that enjoy their craft beer!

There is almost literally something new on the market each week to delight the beer lover. Let’s hope that trend continues.

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