Are Eyes The Soul Windows? Reasons Why They Are!

Are Eyes The Soul Windows? Reasons Why They Are!

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Are eyes the soul windows? Some people say yes, others say no; But we say yes, and there are a few reasons why. Continue to read on to find out what those reasons are.


Eyes Reveal Can Tell If You’re Lying Or Telling The Truth

One of the reasons why eyes are the windows into the soul is because they can reveal whether or not a person is lying. When you’re speaking with someone and you are not sure how trustworthy they are, then look into their eyes to see where they are looking. If their eyes look to your left or they look up before looking left, then there’s a chance they are not telling the truth. If they look the other way, then they are probably telling the truth.


Alcohol Tolerance

A unique fact that may prove that eyes are really the windows into the soul is that eyes may very well dictate alcohol tolerance. In fact, there is a study that was done at the University of Georgia. The study took a look at people with light colored eyes and dark colored eyes.

The study revealed that the group with light colored eyes, such as green, blue, grey and hazel, handled their alcohol better than the group that had dark eyes.


Eyes Can Reveal Flirting

Eyes can reveal whether you or another person you’re speaking to is flirting. There’s a few ways it does this, such as you may blink the same number of times as the person you’re speaking to or mimic their pattern. Another way the eyes reveal flirting is if you continue to gaze at the other person’s mouth or vice-versa.

Also, the pupils often dilate when we speak to someone we are attracted to. If you speak to a person you like, your eyes may dilate. The same goes if the person is attracted to you – want to know how to enhance this? – check out these eye make up tips.


eyes soul idol lashEyes Are Very Easy To Take Care Of

A unique fact that a lot of people don’t know is that many conditions that affect the eyes are curable or they are be avoided. In fact, it’s thought that around 75% of conditions can be cured or avoided. This is further proof that the eyes really are the windows into the soul.

So, are eyes the soul windows? As you can see from the above, we think they are and those are only a few reasons why we think that. Feel free to do additional research to find out why the eyes are the windows to the soul.

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